South Korean Cult Leader Stranded 400 In Fiji, Subjected Them To Abuse

“A son beat his father 100 to 200 times at a ground thrashing session,” a former follower revealed during a South Korean TV show.

South Korea

Authorities in South Korea reportedly arrested a doomsday-cult leader who not only stranded hundreds of her followers on an island in the South Pacific, but also forced them to carry out violent rituals that basically constituted of people aggressively beating each other – even their own family members and little children.

Shin Ok-ju, the founder of Christian-inspired Grace Road Church, allegedly prophesized a devastating famine to take over the Korean Peninsula. She then told her followers to establish a settlement in Fiji, prompting at least 400 people moving to the faraway island starting in 2014.

Once the brain-washed followers arrived on the tiny island, the members of the cult reportedly confiscated their passports and other travelling documents. They were then forced to slave away on rice farms and were subjected to horrifying violence in form of a beating ritual.

The beating were so savage, at least one member suffered severe brain damage. Moreover, witnesses said one father had to hit his child over 100 times.

The purpose of these beatings: spiritual purification, of course.

Fortunately, some followers were able to escape the island and alert the authorities in South Korea.

Shin, along with three other cult leaders, were arrested when they landed at Incheon International Airport in Seoul.

“A son beat his father 100 to 200 times at a ground thrashing session,” a former follower revealed during a South Korean TV program.

Another witness said a “congregant was hit more than 600 times and he died after returning home.”

Apparently, Shin had a similar brush with law in the United States in 2014, after she reportedly tried to cure a schizophrenic patient with prayers. Her mode of treatment included tightly binding the 27-year-old man on a chair with duct tape to “cleanse” him.

Needless to say, the man’s mental health deteriorated as he was also denied his medication, according to the New York Daily News. Moreover, due to being duct-taped to a chair for over 10 days, the man lost blood circulation in his legs, which were later amputated.

The victim’s family sued the doomsday prophet for $6 million, but she got away scot free. Instead, the man’s sister and fiancé, who were both followers of the Grace Road Church, were convicted of “reckless endangerment.”

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