Visitors Point Out South Korean Restaurant's Name 'Blackie' Is Racist

Not only does the name roughly translate to “blackie,” a caricature of what appears to be a monkey with thick orange lips is also used as the restaurant's mascot.



A restaurant in South Korea has come under fire after a visitor pointed out the incredibly racist undertones of its name and even the mascot.

Locally known as "KKamdis," which translates to “blackie,” the Seoul eatery is popular for its spicy braised chicken.

A visitor was left shocked after he noticed the name of the establishment.

"Can anyone explain to me why a restaurant like this is allowed to exist?" reads the post on a Facebook group called Restaurant Buzz Seoul. "Isn't this incredibly racist?"

He added while he didn't want the restaurant to close down, the owners should at least "remove the racist name and label."

The post drew a lot of criticism from South Koreans and foreigners alike. However, some people also defended the name, saying “Kkamdis” could also be used to describe Koreans with tanned skin.

However, the mascot pictured alongside the name is a caricature of what appears to be a monkey with thick orange lips, which is another racist stereotype, often associated with black people.

Ahn Seung-soo, owner of the restaurant, according to news and culture magazine Korea Exposé, was "apologetic."

“Who would pour his entire savings into opening a restaurant just to make a racist slur?” he told the media publication. “It’s regrettable that we are misunderstood because that was not our intention. We receive lots of foreigners in our restaurant.”

A similar case emerged in 2014 when another restaurant in Seoul caused a stir after it named its chicken dish fried in dark batter "heukhyeong chicken."

"Heukhyeong," is purportedly a derogatory term, mostly used on the web, which literally translates as "black bro."

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