Racist NY Woman Running For Office Defends Calling Neighbors N******

The woman running for a seat on the Southampton Village Board thinks she can call black people n****** because she is the only white person in the neighborhood.

Valerie Smith considers herself quite the savior of her neighborhood. After moving to a black-majority community made her a "pioneer," in Smith's view, now the white woman finds nothing wrong with using the n-word against her neighbors.

Even worse, Smith is running for a seat on the Southampton Village Board in Suffolk County, New York. 


Smith, 53, has called the police 200 times complaining of black men standing in front of her home. She even had the audacity to openly refer to the men as n****** and said she has the right to do so because she is a “pioneer” in the neighborhood.

“When you are a pioneer, like I am, it's not easy. I'm the only white person who owns and lives on this street,” Smith explained in a statement reeking of white privilege.

On Aug. 5, 2016, Smith phoned police to complain that “a bunch of n*****s” were loitering near her home while drinking “Hennessy.” The woman demanded the police come to deal with and remove the men.

Smith also believes she is entitled to use the n-word because the known comedian Eddie Murphy used the term during his stand-up shows.

“Now, all of a sudden, I can't use it?” Smith said.

“Sorry — I live in a black neighborhood. I came here and didn't see color,” she added. But if she doesn't see color, why would she use a slur so imbued with racism at its core? 

According to the police, the woman has made no less than 200 calls to 911 to complain about illegal parking, noise, litter, public drinking and other such issues in her neighborhood.

Smith, confirming the calls, recalled going out of her home one night after she was unable to fall asleep due to noise from the street.

“I said, "You f****g n*****s!" and they just dispersed,” she said.

However, Smith vowed to remain in the race for the village board seat because “this neighborhood needs help.”

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