Judge Asks Rape Victim If She Tried Keeping Her Legs Closed

Nearly 1 in 5 women in Spain are victims of sexual abuse, yet in most cases, the woman is assumed to be at fault. This victim blaming has to stop.

Rape is, unfortunately, a crime that takes place all around the world. Be it a country like the United States or developing countries like Bangladesh and India, there are around 293,066 sexual assault cases reported each year.

It's well established that rape is not a crime of sexual desire, but one of power and subjugating victims. Still, some brainless people always find a way to blame the victim. 

One such case occurred in the Basque region of Spain, where an unnamed rape victim arrived at a local police station in Vitoria to report her case. However, things quickly took an ugly turn when Judge Maria del Carmen Molina Mansilla turned tables on the victim and asked if she had tried “closing her legs and female organs.”

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Needless to say, the victim was horrified of being asked the offensive question. Mansilla has now come under fire by the Clara Camoamor Association, a campaign group for victims of gender offenses.

"She showed obvious disbelief of the testimony of the victim, questioned her without allowing her to answer, asking leading and offensive questions," Blance Estrella Ruiz of the Clara Campoamor Association said, according to The Local.

The group is now demanding the judge's suspension, stating this is not the first time she has dealt with a rape case in this manner.  

"Such questions are not only unnecessary to the investigation but are completely offensive and violate the dignity of the victim," Ruiz added. "Unfortunately this is not an isolated act but such behavior [by this judge] is habitual and continuous."

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Mansilla’s suspension lies in the hands of the General Council of Judiciary, which reviews the independence of judges in Spain.

Mansilla has not yet commented on the matter. 

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