Child Burns 30 Percent Of His Body While Trying YouTube Magic Trick

“There are videos like this that slip through the cracks of your parental guard and could happen to anybody,” warned the child’s uncle.


A child was admitted in the Grady hospital’s burns center with severe burns after he attempted to perform a magic trick that he saw online.

According to Ray Corfino’s family, the child gathered the material and attempted the magic trick after watching the video on YouTube. As per the police, the paper burning illusion video explained how to light a paper or a dollar bill after soaking it in alcohol and water and then lightning the fire. Once the fire is lit, as per the trick, the paper does not burn after the flames extinguished.


However, the 11-year-old used an alcohol bottle while attempting the trick but the bottle exposed.

As a result, it burst into flames and the house was damaged. Moreover, there were severe burns on Ray’s shoulders, arms, chest and neck.

What is worse is that Ray is a special needs child. According to his uncle, Clint Eller, 30 percent of his body was burnt.

According to the Gainesville Times, police explained they saw the boy lying on his bed at his home. He had "severe burns to his chest, face and eyes." Within no time, he was transferred by helicopter to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Eller clarified Ray’s phone had parental blocks but the YouTube video responsible for this huge loss was uploaded in the category of a harmless magic trick on the online video platform. “There are videos like this that slip through the cracks of your parental guard and could happen to anybody,” he said.

Ray’s mother wanted to show her burnt son’s pictures, so that other parents could keep better checks on their children. He attempted the so-called trick after his mother went to bed.

“Ray likes reptiles, race cars and magic. And wrestling, he’s a big wrestling fan,” said Eller.

"Ray is the sweetest child you'll ever meet. Big heart. Loves everybody," he continued.

Cornelia Police first thought Ray got burnt after performing a YouTube challenge known as “Alcohol Challenge," but on further investigation, they realized that was not what Ray was doing.

While some people were supportive towards the family and Ray’s ordeal, some had bitter words describing the accident. 

“It’s sad. There have been such great outreach from everybody. People we don’t know. People we do know. But there have been people who have been really ugly about it, actually. Saying that ‘he got what he deserved’ and that ‘Darwinism at its best’ and things like that because they (police) originally said that he had doused himself with alcohol and lit himself on fire as part of a challenge and that is not the fact” Eller said.

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