Driver Crashes While Streaming 116 MPH Drive On Facebook Live

A reckless driver filmed himself with a Facebook live session speeding his car through lines of heavy traffic on a highway.

Onasi Olio-Rojas from Rhode Island was driving his Honda Civic at a speed of 116 mph when he got critically injured after crashing his car while recording himself.

The video starts off with Olio-Rojas streaming himself in the car, hustling through the busy traffic lines, singing with a smile on his face till it's too late.

Olio-Rojas’ car crashed into a garbage truck and a concrete barrier, said the police.

The 20-year-old lost control speeding his car from 114 mph to 116 mph — this is when the Facebook live session came to an abrupt stop.

His car was totaled after the horrifying crash.

According to the police, Olio-Rojas hit the truck as it got on the highway, then crossed three lanes and hit a barrier.

Rescue crew extricated Olio-Rojas from the vehicle. 

He was in critical condition; luckily the truck driver wasn't injured.   

“He has his camera in his right hand, videotaping himself as he’s driving, has no seatbelt on, he starts to hit speeds of 90 miles an hour which increases to 100 miles an hour then you see several erratic lane changes where he goes from the high-speed lane to the low-speed lane into the breakdown lane in and out of traffic,” said Captain John Allen, describing the video.

“Mr. Rojas just has a blatant disregard for anyone else on the road,” he added.

Traffic was snarled for at least two hours after the crash.

Police charged Olio-Rojas with misdemeanor charges as no one got hurt.


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