Spiders Haunt Town By Setting Off Eerie Nursery Rhyme Alarm At Night

A UK woman heard the same haunting sound, a nursery rhyme, almost every other night, coming from an unknown source near the house.

Hearing an eerie rendition of "It's raining, it's Pouring," at 1am, 2am or 4am, that too coming from an unknown source, can scare anyone out of their wits.

That is exactly what happened with one woman living in Ipswich, England.

The woman, who remains anonymous, heard the sound of the nursery rhyme "on a nightly basis" but she had no idea where it was coming from, according to the Ipswich Star.

"The first time I heard it, it was the most terrifying thing ever, I went cold and felt sick, and thought 'what on earth was that?'" she said.

The woman's distress was understandable, especially considering the fact that the particular rhyme talks about a man not getting up in the morning after bumping his head in the night.

The lyrics go like this:

"It’s raining; it’s pouring.

The old man is snoring.

He bumped his head and went to bed,

And couldn’t get up in the morning."

After months of dwelling in the mire of confusion and fear, she called Ipswich Borough Council to complain about the noise. Other residents also registered a similar problem.

An investigation was launched and the mystery was solved.

As it turned out, the creepy music came from a loudspeaker at "an industrial premises on the neighboring Farthing Road estate [business park]." It was installed to keep away trespassers in the middle of the night.

“The sound is only supposed to act as a deterrent for opportunistic thieves that come onto our property, and it’s designed only to be heard by people on our private land," said a spokesperson. "We are now aware of the problem - the motion sensors were being triggered by spiders crawling across the lenses of our cameras and it looks like we’ve had it turned up too loudly. We’ve spoken to the resident who brought it to our attention and adjusted it so this shouldn’t happen again.”

The motion-sensitive cameras worked a little too perfectly, it appears, as the alarm was set off due to an unlikely trespasser: spiders.

The investigation was wrapped up and the volume level was fixed so as to stop scaring the locals.

The arachnid culprits, however, still remain at large.

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