Spooky Places From Around The World Will Give You The Chills

Wondering about where to go to vacation this summer? These eerie places are likely to give you goosebumps in the heat.

Fair Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart.

If Disneyland fails to give you sufficient goosebumps, you can always visit these unusual spots for a change.

The Island of Dolls or the “Isla de las Munecas” is an island like no other, where mutilated dolls hang from trees. The dolls were put by a Mexican hermit who believed they would mollify the troubled spirits of the small girl who died half a century ago — and whose ghost still haunts the forest.

The Capela dos Ossos or the Chapel of Bones in Portugal was hardly created to attract tourists. Instead, the church in the city of Evora served as a practical solution to a problem — to house the overflowing remains of the dead in the city’s two cemeteries. The main church itself is decorated by opulent golden altars and blue tiles and the Chapel of Bones is entered through a large arch bearing the words, “Our bones that are here wait for yours!"

St. George’s Church in the Czech Republic was in danger of closing until a local artist saved it. The church, which had the reputation of being cursed, was installed with veiled, life-size effigies by artist Jakub Hadrava which lend a creepy air to the already terrifying place.

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The Catacombs of Paris were created in the 19th century to wrestle with the growing problem of overflowing graveyards. The underground labyrinthine passages house the bones of over 6 million Parisians.

The shadow painting at an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Parma, Italy, is arguably the greatest work of Brazilian street artist, Herbert Baglione. The ghostly shadows depict the tortured souls who once inhabited the eerie asylum — and who might still linger there.

Chauchilla Cemetery, a necropolis 30 kilometers south of Nazca in Peru, was discovered in 1920. The dead Chauchilla were laid to rest in a “squatting” position with wide grins fixed to their faces. For many years, the archeological find was looted by treasure hunters who took the gold buried with the bodies and left the bones scattered around.

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