Sports Anchor: Olympian's Focus On 'Beauty, Fashion' Is Why She Lost

A Canadian sports anchor asserted that that tennis Olympian Eugenie Bouchard's interest in the media, beauty, and fashion distracted her from winning.

In the short time since the Olympics have begun, there have already been multiple instances of sexism from sports commentators directed toward female athletes, and a CBC sports anchor just continued the pattern.

Commentator Adam Kreek (an Olympic gold medalist himself in rowing) was discussing Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard and arrived at the conclusion that Bouchard had lost her match on Monday due to her interest in “beauty and fashion.”

According to Raw Story, when a fellow anchor told Kreek that “You’re hinting that [Bouchard] doesn’t want to be number one in the world,” Kreek assented.

“I don’t know if she does,” he said. “When I saw her in the mix zone, she loved talking to the media. And when I look on her social media, she’s posting pictures of herself, she’s holding up the toothpaste and she’s trying out different hair styles.”

“Maybe she wants something different than to be a competitor,” he continued. “For me as a sports fan, I’m not interested in watching that. But there are people out there that want to see someone, you know, pursuing beauty and fashion and this sort of thing. And maybe that’s, ‘I got into the tennis world and I want to leverage this.'”

This is an absurd take on a female Olympian’s loss, particularly as Bouchard was beating her opponent, German Angelique Kerber, early in the match.

Male tennis athletes occasionally face similar criticisms, but female athletes are endlessly scrutinized—in this case, even by a fellow Olympian who undoubtedly understands the level of stress and pressure that comes with the Olympics.

Ironically, Kreek concluded by saying that he was, “trying not to be critical…I need to try to remove my judgment.”

Banner Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Brendan Dennis

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