Student Allegedly Hacks President's Website To Postpone Exams

A 17-year-old was arrested after he supposedly hacked into the Sri Lankan president’s website and ordered for examinations to be delayed.

Most of us have wanted an upcoming school exam to be postponed at one point in our lives, but one teenager took it to another level by violating the privacy of the President of Sri Lanka. 

An unidentified teenager was arrested after reportedly hacking into President Maithripala Sirisena’s website last week. He allegedly removed the home page and posted a message on the site, BBC News reports.

The message was signed by the group Sri Lanka Youth, and demanded that the government postpone the Sri Lankan Advanced Level (A-level) exams to another date since it interferes with the Sinhala/Hindu  New Year occurring at the same time in April, according to Colombo Page.

The post also stated, “Take care of the security of Sri Lankan websites. Or else, we will have to face a cyber war. If you cannot control the situation, hold a Presidential Election. Stop the Prime Minister’s irresponsible work. Look more into the problems of the university students.”

The Criminal Investigations Department of Sri Lanka police traced the hack to the teenager’s home and he was arrested on Monday. He faces up to three years in prison and must pay a $2,044 fine, Indy 100 reports.

The unauthorized message has since been removed from the website after the hack and a “scheduled maintenance” notification was posted.

After the website was up and running again, it was hacked another time without a message, and the second hacker was also arrested.

No further information has been reported on the second hacker. 

These back-to-back incidents may indicate that the president needs a stronger firewall as soon as possible. 

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