Starbucks Tries To Throw Out A Homeless Man For Being 'Smelly'

“I wanted to share it with everyone that might have been in that situation. I hope I can inspire other people to stand up for the homeless.”

A homeless man stepped into Starbucks in Manchester, United Kingdom, for a drink but before he could enjoy his beverage, the staff tried to eject him as other customers complained about his "smell."

The incident was shared by hair stylist Carrie-Anne Gale, who saw him walk into the café, order a drink and then sit away from other customers. The man’s scruffy appearance suggested that he had been homeless for some time.

Just as the man was sipping his drink, another customer repeatedly told the homeless man to leave and shouted that he "f***ing stinks." The man then asked Starbuck’s staff to throw out the homeless man from the café.

Gale says that she was left in shock when the staff sided with the customer. She also heard a barista saying, "He absolutely f***ing stinks."

That is when Gale decided to jump in and support the homeless man. She argued with the baristas and succeeded as the man was allowed to stay inside the café until he finished his drink.

“I said, ‘He is still a human being he breathes the same air that you do.’ He has got enough to think about, the fact he has nowhere to live or nowhere to wash,” Gale said.

“Why has Starbucks not got anything set up where we can pay for him to have a drink? A massive business like Starbucks should be able to do that,” she suggested.

Gale further added, “The shop came to a standstill. They stopped serving people. They told him to leave again, he got really upset. The young girl tried to buy him a sandwich but they refused her.”

She went on and spoke to the homeless man, “I am sorry you have to be put through this today." He replied, “Thank you it has made me feel I am worth something.”

Gale didn’t stop there; she registered a complaint to Starbucks, which said it will investigate the incident.

However, Starbucks bosses responded to Gale's concerns and said that they back the way their staff has dealt with the situation.

“We want to provide a welcoming place for everyone in our stores. The safety and security of our partners (employees) and customers is always our highest priority and we support our partners’ approach.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Lucy Nicholson

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