State Department Spox Bashes CNN For Not Doing A Positive Trump Story

State Department spokeswoman called out CNN for not doing an upbeat story on Trump. She apparently didn’t know journalists weren’t allowed to attend that event.



As President Donald Trump prepared to attend the highly anticipated and unprecedented talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, one of his staffers attempted to curry favor with her boss – and failed at it rather spectacularly.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert posted a tweet of what appeared to be a photo of Trump with children. In her caption, she bashed the POTUS’ least favorite news station, CNN, for not reporting a feel-good story about the commander-in-chief.

The acclaimed news outlet didn’t have to reply to the former Fox News anchor’s petty and highly inconsequential post as people on Twitter mocked her for her childish antics.

Time magazine correspondent Phil Elliot pointed out journalists weren’t allowed at the event.



It seems Nauert was just trying to score points with the commander-in-chief, as in the past Trump has openly rebuked CNN by repeatedly calling it “fake news.”

Also, the fact Nauert replaced Steve Goldstein, a top aide to former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, for a position at the White House she wasn’t qualified for, might make her feel she needed to go out of her way to impress the president. Apparently, singling out a credible news network was all she could come up with.    

Social media users also called her out on her pettiness and said how being an official government spokesperson she could have used her position for something a little more important.





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