College Student Sacrifices Party Time For Grandparents’ Mortgage

As if college isn’t hard enough, this generous Texas university student survived on frozen food for months for this self-sacrificing cause.


GG | GP I promised God in the second grade I would pay off you guys house and help you retire. A promise I would never...

Posted by Stefun Darts on  Sunday, March 20, 2016


A full-time college student ate microwave pizza for months on end to save enough money to pay off his grandparents’ gargantuan debt.

Stefun Darts, a Texas university student and the founder of the nonprofit Caring Heart Youth, presented his grandparents, Cecil and Marilyn Roberts, with a check for $15,000 on March 20 to pay off their mortgage.

For over 20 years, the Roberts had been trying to pay off their mortgage but still had four years of payments left if Darts had not popped up with the surprise.

“I promised God in the second grade I would pay off you guys house and help you retire. A promise I would never break,” Darts wrote in his Facebook post. “While many teenagers are partying and having fun I had to sacrifice, and finally this Sunday on March 20th, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. I will experience tears of joy by handing them a check paying off their house so they can retire from work." 

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To rack up the money, Darts survived on frozen pizzas and never once went out to party with his friends for fear it would garner him extra expenses.

In a family video, Darts’ family seems overcome with emotion after learning of the self-sacrificing act of their grandson.

"I couldn't believe it," Marilyn, Darts’ grandmother said. “To have a grandson like that is a blessing.”

But Darts wasn’t finished yet. To top it all off, he produced free tickets to the Bahamas so that his grandparents could go on a long overdue vacation.

Darts’ mother Stephanie says that he had always been a giving person ever since he was a child.

“I don’t do this for accolades,” he said. “To see tears of joy, to experience that in a lifetime, it’s like how many people can say that?”

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