Steph Curry Takes A Jab At Under Armour CEO Calling Trump An ‘Asset’

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank supported Donald Trump, calling him an “asset” to the country, and Steph Curry had the most epic reaction to it.

When it comes to politics, NBA player Steph Curry has largely kept his views to himself.

During the presidential race, he mentioned that he preferred Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump, but that was about it.

However, he has now chosen to make his opinion about President Trump loud and clear.

In an interview with CNBC, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank endorsed Trump calling him an “asset” to the country.

“To have such a pro-business president is something that is a real asset for the country. People can really grab that opportunity. He wants to build things. He wants to make bold decisions and be really decisive. I’m a big fan of people that operate in the world of ‘publish and interate’ versus ‘think, think, think, think, think.’ So there’s a lot of respect there,” Plank said.

Curry, who was being interviewed by The Mercury News, was questioned about Plank’s comments on Trump said: “I agree with that description,” Curry said, “if you remove the ‘et’” from asset.

“I spent all day yesterday on the phone,” Curry said, “with countless people at Under Armour, countless people in Kevin Plank’s camp, my team, trying to understand what was going on and where everybody stood on the issue. Based off the release that KP sent out this morning, and what he told me last night, that’s the Under Armour that I know. That’s the brand I know he’s built and one that, as of Wednesday afternoon, is something that I’m standing on,” he added.

Plank spoke to Curry and explained that his views about the president were purely from a business perspective and did not mean he supported his anti-women, anti-Muslim, anti- Mexican, and anti- African American demagoguery.

The basketball star, who is in contract with Under Armour until 2024, stated the CEO’s support of Trump’s business ideas didn’t concern him as long as Under Armour doesn’t adopt Trump’s values.

The company also released a statement the very next day clarifying Plank’s stance on Trump.

“We engage in policy, not politics. We believe in advocating for fair trade, an inclusive immigration policy that welcomes the best and the brightest and those seeking opportunity in the great tradition of our country,” it stated.

“We have teammates from different religions, races, nationalities, genders and sexual orientations; different ages, life experiences and opinions. This is the core of our company,” the company added.

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