Stephen Miller ‘Enjoyed’ Seeing Images Of Families Separated At Border

Stephen Miller reportedly "enjoyed" seeing images of crying children at the border. So he may not be too happy about President Donald Trump's decision to reverse the policy.

As President Donald Trump signs an executive order that will reportedly keep families together at the border, reports indicate that White House Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller had a mighty good time whenever images of crying migrant children were shared.

As the heartbreaking images of children being ripped from their parents caused a nationwide commotion, sources told Vanity Fair that some members of the White House staff were on edge.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a source said, chose to not hold on-camera briefings twice in a row because “She’s tired of taking on water for something she doesn’t believe in.” And as she eyes an exit, sources added, her frustration with the policy allowing for families to be separated shows.

It's hard to believe, considering that she actually defended Attorney General Jeff Sessions when he cited the Bible to justify separating migrant families at the border.

Still, another source added, she has been clearly frustrated lately and that "[is] not a good look for Sarah."

But according to Vanity Fair, the controversial policy does not bother all members of Trump’s White House. Miller, an outside White House adviser said, “actually enjoys seeing those pictures at the border.”

His reportedly wicked enjoyment of the images of suffering children prompted the unnamed adviser to compare him to the armed wing of the Nazi Party's SS organization.

“He’s a twisted guy, the way he was raised and picked on. There’s always been a way he’s gone about this. He’s Waffen-SS,” the adviser said.

Sounds too awful to be true, right? So much so that this revelation appears to be fake when compared to a quote from a parody by The Onion. Still, we know Miller has a long history of showing nothing but contempt for immigrants. As such, it’s not too far-fetched to believe that Trump’s trusted adviser would actually enjoy seeing kids suffering precisely because their undocumented parents are being forcefully taken away from them.

But perhaps now that the president appears to be trying to reverse this policy, Miller will have to figure out another way to fulfill his sadistic needs through the administration’s policies. Unless, of course, the Flores agreement, or the Flores v. Reno ruling that requires federal immigration officials to place migrant children with relatives without delay in cases of family separation, gets in the way of Trump's executive order. And the policy of separating parents and children isn't overruled in the end.

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