It Seems Bannon Wants Brexit Supporters To Wage A War Against Liberals

“It is, it's war. “War is politics by other means. Well, politics is war by other means. This is a war for control. This is a war for the little guy,” said Bannon.


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon told right-wing populists to take up “arms” and fight against “globalist” forces.

In an interview with former UKIP leader Nigel Farage on LBC radio, Bannon said pro-Trump Brexit supporters should “rise up” against the left across the world because the U.S. and U.K. were in a midst of a world war where the right-leaning populists should fight against people like George Soros.

“I would rise up and I'd make sure the guys in Parliament knew it, I'd write letters, I'd get on radio shows, I'd get on the internet, I'd get on Facebook and say, ‘This is not what we voted for.’ We voted for our independence,” Bannon said Sunday.

Bannon and Farage then criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May and said rural England should fight against urban corporations and politicians.

“We did not vote for the corporatists in the city of London, the international banks in the city of London, the big corporations in the city of London, to just slow walk us until we give up. We're not going to give up.”

“What I want to say to the people of Middle England...let me say one more thing about winning elections, they're not going to pat you on the head and give you your country back, you're going to have to fight to take your country back every day,” Bannon added.

While Farage and the former Trump strategist were going on in the same vein, they were interrupted by LBC’s political editor Theo Usherwood, who asked Bannon his rant sounded very much like a “Call to arms.”

Bannon immediately replied, “Absolutely.”

Farage followed it by asking if Bannon sees things in politics as a “great military style battle.”

"It is, it's war," said Bannon, quoting Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz: “War is politics by other means. Well, politics is war by other means. This is a war for control. This is a war for the little guy. They fight, look at [George] Soros and these other NGOs...they destroy you.”

“The problem is the conservatives, and people in the United States and England have been too nice, and that's what I love about Trump. Trump is in your grill from the beginning and he's not going to back off," added Bannon.

He then compared pro-Trump Brexit populist movements as first and second World Wars.

“If you've got the same grit we saw in the trenches in the western front, if you've got the same grit that was at Normandy that won World War II...we're going to win this thing,” he said.

At this, Usherwood once again piped up saying it appaeared Bannon wanted London and Middle England to be separated by a “civil war.”

Apparently, that is what’ Bannon trying to do.

Bannon, who co-founded Breitbat News, has spent the last several months traveling in Europe and trying to whip up revolutionary fervor from the right-wing populists since he was fired from the Trump administration in August.

In May, Bannon also lauded Italy’s far-right, anti-immigration League party.

“If it works in Italy, it’s going to show that we’ve broken the back of the globalists,” Bannon told a crowd in Rome.

With less than a year to go before the United Kingdom will distance itself from the European Union on March 29, 2019, the British citizens, politicians and business leaders are still very much divided on what form Brexit should take.

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