Steve Bannon Apparently Had A History Of Disagreements With ‘Javanka’

“It was always a job. I realize in hindsight I was just a staffer and I’m not a good staffer. I had influence, I had a lot of influence but just influence.”

President Donald Trump’s unexpected win in the U.S. presidential campaign was apparently not just a surprise for the Democrats and the world but also for the his supporters. Soon after the victory, the Trump camp  started breaking into factions.

Former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and senior adviser Jared Kushner’s tepid relationship is no secret and the two are known for disagreeing with each other over their views. It has now emerged that the disagreement began just hours after Trump’s victory.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Bannon reportedly said he disagreed with Kushner and Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump over the content of Trump’s victory speech. The couple wanted his speech to be more about unification whereas Bannon wanted Trump to continue with his campaign tone of attacking people.

“I didn’t think it was the right time to talk about uniting. I think some of that stuff comes off as phony,” he said.

This was just the first step towards the war between the two and the battle intensified as Trump set foot in the White House.

Bannon reportedly called a group of advisers “the Democrats” because of their “leftist” views. The group comprised of Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Gary Cohn, and Dina Powell.

On the other hand, Kushner’s camp called Bannon’s group, which included Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka, and Peter Navarro, “the crazies” of Breitbart.

Their relationship took another turn after Kushner’s role in Trump’s decision led to the removal of former F.B.I Director James Comey.

“It’s the dumbest political decision in modern political history, bar none. A self-inflicted wound of massive proportions,” Bannon later said.

During the interview, Bannon also said he considered Kushner as an elitist with no political experience.

“He doesn’t know anything about the hobbits or the deplorables. The railhead of all bad decisions is the same railhead: Javanka,” he said.

The former chief strategist also blamed Kushner for scheduling meetings with the Russians during the election campaign because they gave an implication that Putin helped Trump.

“[Kushner was] taking meetings with Russians to get additional stuff. This tells you everything about Jared. They were looking for the picture of Hillary Clinton taking the bag of cash from Putin. That’s his maturity level,” Bannon said.

The executive chairman of Breitbart also reportedly blamed Kushner for Trump’s harsh words towards Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Trump lashed out at Sessions in a series of tweets for recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

Bannon said the tweet storm by Trump was just to distract people and media from Kushner’s testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In another unpleasant incident between the two, during an Oval Office meeting, Ivanka blamed Bannon for the leaks. The meeting was attended by Trump, Kushner, Bannon and Ivanka. The meeting was intended to broker peace but Ivanka and Bannon exchanged some harsh words where Bannon called her the “queen of leaks” and Ivanka called him “a f***ing liar.”

Bannon was reportedly fired from his position in the White House after he indicated that he was "going to war" against those opposed to Trump and his agenda.

It later emerged his hit list included senior adviser and Trump’s son-in-law  Jared Kushner and Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, or as Bannon calls them behind their backs, "Javanka."

For most part of the interview, Bannon praised Trump but he didn’t deny being unhappy in the White House.

“It was always a job. I realize in hindsight I was just a staffer, and I’m not a good staffer. I had influence, I had a lot of influence, but just influence,” he said.

He further said he now liberated.

“I have power. I can actually drive things in a certain direction,” added Bannon.

He told the writer and reportedly told a friend last month that he believes the president has “lost a step.”

“The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over.”  He also joked to a friend that Trump is “like an 11-year-old child.”


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