Rep. Steve King Openly Endorses White Supremacist On Twitter

“If he has any sense, Steve King should rapidly hit the undo button,” said Nick Ryan, director of advocacy group Hope Not Hate.


Racist Iowa Rep. Steven King, who is known for his explicit endorsement of white supremacist rhetoric, retweeted a British neo-Nazi.

The congressman retweeted political activist Mark Adrian Collett’s tweet that had a screenshot of a news article captioned, “65% of Italians under the age of 35 now oppose mass immigration. Europe is waking up...”

The Republican added his own caption to the link that said, “Europe is waking up... Will America... in time?”

King’s tweet and the content he is propagating are problematic itself. However, what is more problematic is the person he is quoting.

Collett is racist and a well-known neo-Nazi. He is the former chairman of a British ultranationalist political group British National Party’s youth division.

The activist has openly declared his admiration of Adolf Hitler and has called himself a “Nazi sympathizer.” Moreover, in 2002, he appeared on a Channel 4 documentary “Young, Nazi and Proud” where he considered AIDS a "friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it.”

He also said in the documentary, “The Jews have been thrown out of every country, including England. Let’s face it, when it happens that many times it’s not just persecution: there’s no smoke without fire.”

That is not all, in another documentary, Collett peddled his anti-immigrant policy and described asylum seekers as “cockroaches.” He is also an ally of Former Imperial Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke and regularly appears on his radio show.

King himself has a long history of delivering racist statements.

He posted a tweet reeking of white supremacy that said “civilization cannot be restored with someone else's babies.” In another incident, he said “Western civilization” has contributed the most to society. He also tweeted, "diversity is not our strength."

Moreover, he has also said the United States shouldn’t apologize for slavery and has also called undocumented immigrants are “drug mules.”

King’s latest endorsement of a racist person was met with heavy criticism.

“If he has any sense, Steve King should rapidly hit the undo button,” said Nick Ryan, director of advocacy group Hope Not Hate.

He further said, “No mainstream politician in their right mind should be retweeting Mark Collett. He’s a neo-Nazi who used to be the youth leader of the thuggish far-right British National Party here in the U.K., which has had ties to Holocaust denial, rampant anti-Semitism, helped spawn one of Europe’s most infamous neo-Nazi gangs, Combat 18, and which once included among its number David Copeland, a bomber who targeted London’s minority communities with a series of nail bombs in 1999, killing three, including a pregnant woman, and wounding scores of others.”

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