Stoneman Douglas Student Arrested Over Alleged Gun Threat On Snapchat

“We are talking about actual threats which are being made on Snapchat that are being ignored," attorney Bradford Cohen said of the school's silence.

Close-up of #MSDStrong sign outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

A current Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student allegedly posted pictures of a gun and ammunition on Snapchat last week in a threat to a classmate.

A lawyer for the student on the receiving end of the threat claimed the school won’t tell his client’s family if the teen who allegedly posted the threats will be allowed to go back to school.

Apparently, police went to the school and took the student in for making criminal threats. The student reportedly told officers that the weapon was just a BB gun and the bullets belonged to his father.

However, there may have been more to the student’s stunt than he is willing to admit as it appears his username on the video game Fortnight is “NickCruz,” which is a play on the name Nikolas Cruz, the former student who carried out the shooting massacre at Stoneman Douglas in February.

“We’re not talking about clear backpacks and stupid things like that,” said attorney Bradford Cohen. “We are talking about actual threats which are being made on Snapchat that are being ignored.”

This student may be crying out for help in his own twisted way. Perhaps he's struggling to deal with the trauma of surviving a school shooting and he's acting out negatively.

However, it's important that the school and authorities take this situation seriously this time around because they failed to do so when Cruz was reported more than two dozen times before carrying out last month's shooting. 

Since his son’s arrest, the father of the student who made the threat reportedly met with police and turned in a black handgun, a magazine, six bullets, and an airsoft pistol.

The entire Parkland community is still on edge, still grieving, and still living in fear, yet they just can't seem to catch a break from frightening incidents occurring on Stoneman Douglas' campus.  

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