Students Learn How To Treat Bullet Wounds While Politicians Do Nothing

“Stop the Bleed” trains students how to treat life-threatening wounds in case of unforeseen situations like a school shooting.

As the government does nothing about gun control in the country, a trauma training program is trying to safeguard the lives of children in such unforeseen situations.

The move came after mass shooters conducted horrific shootings at different schools this year.

“Stop the Bleed” is a trauma training program that goes to different schools to teach the public on how to stop life-threatening bleeding until medics arrived the location. This training is given by medical professionals.

Just recently a high school in Harwood, Maryland, received the “Stop the Bleed” training. Many schools in Maryland have reportedly made this training mandatory for their staff and students.

The trauma training is part of a national campaign from the American College of Surgeons. “Stop the Bleed” started in 2015. According to the founders, they started off the program after the horrible 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut.

Last year, Thomas Scalea, the physician-in-chief at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, who helped create the “Stop the Bleed” initiative, said he believed in the difference an individual can make after receiving the training.

He explained many people died because of excessive bleeding that could have been easily stopped. He said often the doctors used to say, “If we had just gotten there five minutes earlier — if we had just been able to stop this hemorrhage in the streets — that kid didn’t have to die.”

The trauma training that enables individuals to stop life-threatening bleeding is not just conducted inside the classroom but sessions are also conducted outside.

This initiative may be used by Republicans to defend their draconian gun support theory. However, it is not the duty of American trauma surgeons to solve the aftermath of America’s gun problem. Sadly, the government has not yet come out with any concrete plan to solve the problem of guns in the country.

Their failure to support and implement stricter gun control legislation is the reason for deadly school shootings.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Joe Amon, The Denver Post via Getty Images

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