A Dozen Tornadoes And Severe Storms Rip Through US Southern States

The severe storm coupled with a dozen tornadoes killed at least six people.

Severe storms and tornadoes ripped apart homes and killed at least six across the southern U.S.

Four out of seven people were killed in a mobile home in Rehobeth, Alabama, after a huge tree crashed through it. The victims were identified as 27-year-old Dothan Eagle, 63-year-old Ramona Michelle Lewis, Carla Rambert and Terina Brookshire.

William Corley, 70, also died in Florida while trying to evacuate while a woman, whose name has not been released, lost her life in southwest Georgia, according to the Weather Channel.

There were reports of at least a dozen tornadoes while high winds knocked out the power supply and deprived at least 80,000 residents of electricity in two states.

Dozens of incidents of felled trees were reported, damaging — and in some cases, completely destroying — buildings.

Because of the heavy rains, many states suffered from localized flash floods. Lightning also sparked a fire in a home near Houston, Texas. Although the house was severely damaged, fortunately none of the occupants were injured.

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores will be closed for at least a week after a tornado flung cages into ponds, broke fences and severely damaged the animal enclosure.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Thilo Schmuelgen

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