Strangers Risk Lives To Save Unconscious Driver From Horrible Crash

The video shows two motorists trying to pry open the door of an out-of-control car after the driver collapsed on the wheel with his foot on the accelerator.


Two brave men in Sydney, Australia, risked their lives to prevent what could have been a disastrous accident on a busy highway.

The video obtained by a local news channel shows a Mitsubishi Outlander spiraling out of control and spinning in circles in the middle of the road, right in front of the heaving oncoming traffic. The driver had reportedly collapsed on the wheel, but his foot remained pressed against the accelerator.

It was a nightmarish scenario, which could have played out rather terribly if it were not for Clayton Thomas and Tim McDonald — the heroic motorists who did not think twice about jumping out of their vehicle to rescue the driver trapped inside the four-wheel drive.

The two chased the car as it spun in reverse before finally managing to pry open the door and pulling the handbrake up.

“I'm just cruising along, minding my own business, all of a sudden, a small little SUV comes straight in front of the truck,” Thomas said. “I pulled up, handbrake up, thought 'what are we gonna do? I jumped out, tried to chase the car around.”


“Old mate (McDonald) came and give me a hand, ripped the door open, he jumped in, handbrake up, (the victim) was still unconscious in there,” Thomas added.

The paramedics transported the 42-year-old driver to nearby Westmead Hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

Fortunately, no one else was injured in the incident.

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