Stray Kitten Purr-Fectly Crashes Reporter's Live Newscast

Local ABC reporter Nima Shaffe pulled off double duty on air - reporting the news and babysitting a mischievous kitten.

As two news reporters at the Detroit's local ABC studies studios were speaking about how anything is possibly on live television, a little kitten was introduced on TV.

WXYZ reporter Nima Shaffe was in the middle of a live shot in Washtenaw County, Michigan, when he was interrupted by an orange tabby demanding some air time.

Shaffe held the kitten up in the air and exchanged meows and noises with the kitten.

“He’s going to be our new mascot,” the reporter said.

“He greeted photojournalist Andy Zaremba and I here in the parking lot and he’s been pretty vocal. He tried to take over my time and he’s been hanging out underneath our truck here and so we’ve taken him under our wing,” Shaffe added.

As the reporter continued to speak about the kitten, and the possibility of it soon being up for adoption, the six-week-old animal climbed all over his shoulder and seemed to get restless, finding a way to get onto the ground.

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“He’s kind of a big hit on social media this morning. We’ve got alley cats that watch us and house cats that watch us, and now we have parking lot cats. I had to talk the sheriff out of ticketing him. The charge would have been loitering,” Shaffe joked about the kitten he chose to name “Seven.” 

He called the Michigan Humane Society to take the cat in the hopes it will be adopted and find a loving home.

Check out the video above.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Unsplash/John-Mark Smith

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