MIT Develops Cream That Will Rid You Of Wrinkles And Scars

Nobody likes aging skin or marks on their body to be visible, and this new gel-like substance is a life-saver for those who wish to appear “flawless.”

The fields of technology and science have seen rapid advancements in the last couple of decades. From human-like robots, to drones and hybrid cars, the stuff of science fiction just a generation ago is on store shelves now.

Adding to the list, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a stretchy wearable film which appears to be a brilliant solution to aging skin. It's a gel to give people a more youthful look.

The “second skin” is essentially a cream that, when applied on a person’s skin, develops into a thin, transparent layer supporting the tissue, making one’s skin look younger.

“What we’ve been able to do is create a cream that you can put on the skin and then when it’s on the skin it can actually form essentially an elastic second skin,” said Bob Langer, who led the research.

The formula, developed using molecules of silicone and oxygen as building blocks, can be applied over any patch of wrinkled or dry skin, and does not fall off or cause irritation. It is also weatherproof, so it can be worn in rain, snow or hot weather and will not be affected. However, users are supposed to peel it off and dispose at the end of the day.

The cream has been developed using the assistance of two MIT spin-out companies: Living Proof, a cosmetics firm, and Olivo Labs, a medical company. Researchers who worked on the project believed that a few tweaks in the formula here and there would further improve the cream to protect skin from UV rays, and even treat eczema or conceal birthmarks.

“Would second skin have any other uses, such as hiding a beer belly? Well, not this version. But I hope we can figure that out,” said Daniel Anderson, who helped develop the product at MIT.

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Considering how obsessed people have become with looking “picture perfect” and having flawless physical features, this new innovative solution to wrinkles and imperfections on the skin appears to be a life saver for many.

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