Striking New Yorker Cover Signals America’s Freedom Has Burned Out

The New Yorker is celebrating its 92nd anniversary with a dark cover that highlights the country's dwindling sense of liberty under President Donald Trump's reign.

The New Yorker will celebrate its 92nd anniversary this month with a bleak cover that represents America’s rapid erosion of freedom under President Donald Trump.

The Feb. 13-20 cover is a stark illustration of Lady Liberty’s torch extinguished. The image is a powerful demonstration that the United States is no longer a place of refuge and embrace for the world’s immigrants  — a once defined, founding principle of our country.

“It used to be that the Statue of Liberty, and her shining torch, was the vision that welcomed new immigrants. And, at the same time, it was the symbol of American values,” cover artist John W. Tomac told The New Yorker. “Now it seems that we are turning off the light.”

Tomac is referring to Trump’s executive order last week banning immigrants and green card holders from seven Muslim-majority countries, a move that has riled the nation in protest and crushed thousands of prospective Americans’ dreams.

In addition, German magazine Der Spiegel also released a dramatic cover featuring the Lady Liberty, but took a much more graphic approach. 

The cover, which will be published Saturday, portrays Trump —knife in hand — having freshly beheaded Lady Liberty. 

“It’s a beheading of democracy, a beheading of a sacred symbol,” cover artist and Cuban immigrant Edel Rodriguez told The Washington Post. “And clearly, lately, what’s associated with beheadings is ISIS, so there’s a comparison” to be made between the terror group and Trump. “Both sides are extremists, so I’m just making a comparison between them.”

The immigration ban coupled with a swift escalation of hate crimes, including a Texas mosque that was burned down a day after Trump enacted this discriminatory policy, proves how in just one week we are losing our core American values of inclusion and generosity.

We can no longer call ourselves “the land of the free,” as we quickly diminish into the land of nightmarish white supremacy. 

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