Cops Brutally Assault Black Student. His Crime? Skateboarding

“He was screaming to me that his head was split open and saying he didn’t want to get killed,” explained the student’s mother.

Campus police officers allegedly attacked a student in Central Arizona College because he was skateboarding in the dorms hallway.

Facebook user Kai Trigg, who is the victim’s mother, said her son even apologized when a resident adviser caught him skateboarding on campus.

Trigg explained her son didn’t want to give his skateboard away, so he locked it in his dorm room and apologized for his activity. The RA apparently told the unnamed student to open the room and get the skateboard. The teenager explained he needed the skateboard for a school trip that was planned for the very next day.

They were in the middle of the conversation when a campus police officer exited from another room and interfered. According to Trigg, the cop, Officer G. Terry, was searching for drugs on campus. The RA pointed at the victim, without uttering a word. That’s when Terry approached the 19-year-old, who got so scared, he videocalled his mother and put the phone on speaker.

What followed next is horrific to say the least.

Trigg’s sons wanted to coordinate with the cop. He put his hands in the air so the cop could freely search him, but Terry took the students right arm and twisted it behind his back. He then used his other hand to smash the college sophomore’s head into the brick wall and then on the floor.

The teenager started bleeding profusely.

Trigg took pictures from the video and uploaded them on Facebook.  “He was screaming to me that his head was split open and saying he didn’t want to get killed,” she wrote.

At this point, another cop, who was black, entered the room and called for the ambulance. The first cop took Trigg’s son’s phone while she kept pleading them not to kill his son. “‘Please don’t kill my son’ I told them he has anxiety attacks and has pills in his room that will help calm him. The cop hung up or dropped the phone. All I could hear was my child screaming for me. The line went dead,” she explained.

Trigg then got a call from the hospital saying her son was not arrested but he had stitches. The cops responsible for torturing him were not there.

Trigg’s brother got in touch with the lieutenant and the case is currently being reviewed. The cop who attacked the black student now claims he got scared when the student put his hands up in the air and reacted.

Trigg doesn’t plan on removing her Facebook post, and wants everyone to spread the word until her son gets justice.

Thumbnail / Banner : Reuters, Mike Stone

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