Student Beats Principal To A Pulp When Asked To Remove Headphones

The principal had to be rushed to the hospital after the school hallway encounter.

Principal Matthew Tossman of Manhattan Early College School for Advertising was brutally attacked when he asked his 18-year old student, Luis Penzo, to remove his headphones that were blaring with music as he walked down the corridor.

Upon getting no response, Tossman tried to remove the headphones and Penzo reacted by allegedly beating him brutally, punching him in the head and face repeatedly.

Tossman had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment, while his assailant was arrested and faces a felony assault charge.

A friend of Penzo, Ijanae Cavallero, tried defending his actions.

"Luis is quiet. He keeps to himself," he said. "I expect if you touch someone and break someone's stuff, I mean, that would be a good reaction for me." 

Carmen Fariña, the chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, said while addressing a press conference, “The student was arrested and that is a message in and of itself.”

“Of course I’m upset. Anytime anyone is hurt in any of our schools, be it a child or adult, it’s cause for concern, so going back and reviewing what happened is important. The consequences were if you do something wrong, you’re going to be arrested,” she added.

Penzo was also charged with assault and harassment last month when he allegedly started punching a car driver after crashing his car into the other vehicle.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Brian Snyder 

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