Student Donates To Food Pantry Instead Of Using Savings On Video Games

A seventh-grader from Indiana decided to give all of his savings to a local food pantry instead of using it to buy video games. Now, he’s going viral.

People playing PlayStation 4.

A student from Avon Middle School in Indiana had saved hundreds of dollars to buy video games. But instead of spending his money on that, he decided to give it all to the local food pantry.

After hearing that the food pantry in Avon was going through a food shortage, Brecken Hayes thought that he should do something about it. So, instead of spending the $450 he had saved to buy video games, which was something he didn’t “really need,” he told reporters, he was going to do some good.

"Those are wants. People need food and water to live, and they don't have that. And I already have it. So I don't want to be greedy. I just wanted to help them," he said.

The boy gave so much of his savings that his donation accounted for nearly half of the $1,000 raised by his school.

If Hayes continues to be this wise and giving with his money, he will surely continue to do good in his community in times to come.

Keep on helping others, Hayes. It’s kids with attitudes like yours that we need.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Flickr user US Department of Agriculture

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