Student Stirs Controversy For Wanting To Wear Moccasins At Graduation

High school senior Dylan McCabe was initially refused to wear her full traditional Native American attire, which included moccasins and leggings.


In the United States, one would think that it would be permissible for a high school student to wear a traditional dress from their culture underneath their graduation gown.

For one student in Maryland, however, this was not the case.

Dylan McCabe wished to celebrate her Native American heritage by wearing a ceremonial dress along with leggings and moccasins. Her principal, however, initially refused her full request.

McCabe was permitted to wear the dress because it will not show from underneath her graduation gown, but her principal denied the leggings and moccasins.

She wore the same moccasins for her four-day coming-of-age ceremony when she was 11.

She is set to graduate from North Point High School in Waldorf, Maryland, this Thursday.

McCabe also has Comanche and Ft. Sill Apache heritage and is one of the few minority students at her high school.

She told FOX 5 DC, “I want to have that connection to my Navajo side as I walk across that stage.”

Her mother appealed the principal’s decision to the superintendent’s office while McCabe started a petition on to gain support from her county.

Thankfully, the principal’s decision was reversed on Tuesday and McCabe can now wear the full traditional outfit during her school’s graduation ceremony.

“I'm really excited and pleased to know that Charles County Public Schools has taken into consideration my religious and cultural beliefs and granted this,” McCabe told the Maryland Independent. “I hope it opens up a wider discussion in the county and around the nation about other cultures and other beliefs.”


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