Thanks To Viral Tweet, Crocs Gives 124 Pairs Of Shoes To Graduates

A student didn't want to wear heels to her graduation ceremony, so she came up with the perfect plan to ensure that she and her friends would be comfortable.

The company logo for Crocs.

Crocs — they’re not highly fashionable. But one student’s love for the functional and comfortable footwear helped seal her a new pair of shoes as well as more than 100 for her graduating classmates.

While contemplating with her friends what shoes they could wear to their high school graduation ceremony, Seminole High School senior Sarah Agee said one of her classmates anguished over the idea of having to wear heels.

The requirements her school set out didn’t stipulate heels, but it seemed to be the only option based on what the rules did call for: “white or light-colored shoes.”

Agee used the critical thinking skills that she likely acquired from her schooling to think outside the box — the shoe box, that is, and proposed wearing white crocs.

It wouldn’t be enough for just her and a few friends to do it, however. Agee wanted all the girls in the graduating class to wear the rubberish footwear. Her teacher, Tiffany Rasmussen, suggested she reach out to Crocs directly, which Agee did through Twitter.

“ many Rts would it take to send all the senior girls at Seminole Senior High School white crocs to wear at graduation?!” she tweeted out to the company.

Surprisingly, Crocs responded: “2018...obviously.”

It didn’t take long for Agee to reach her goal of 2,018 retweets and, sure enough, Crocs delivered 124 pairs of their iconic footwear to the school.

Thanks to Agee, the graduation ceremony was made even more memorable than it was already promised to be. Of course, nothing can replace the years of memories these students have made with each other. But a certain style of footwear surely puts the icing on the cake.

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