Student Uses Art To Respond To Teacher’s Anti-Feminist Remarks

A male art teacher told a female student to "dial down the feminism," to which she responded with art. Her piece is now going viral on social media.

After her teacher suggested she should “dial down” her feminism, Alex Ruth Bertulis-Fernandes decided she would craft the perfect response in the shape of art.

With the piece above, Bertulis-Fernandes became an internet sensation, showing her art teacher that she doesn’t have to ignore or hide her inclinations to be successful.

In no time, people became interested in buying her art.

Even another art teacher chimed in, saying she was disappointed in Bertulis-Fernandes’ instructor and his comments.

Despite the initial discouraging incident that sparked this response, the young artist appeared to gain a lot of attention thanks to her art.

And, as her tweet went viral and several users responded positively, the student told her followers that she was even considering commercializing her work by allowing people to purchase prints or T-shirts.

As it turns out, this young woman has helped to prove that you should never be discouraged from being who you are, even if you aren't getting the support you expect. In the end, support will materialize if you're doing the right thing.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters/Brian Snyder 

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