Students At A Middle School Sang About N****** On A Bus

The father of a student at Robert Frost Middle School posted a video of his daughter’s classmates singing a racist song about African-Americans.

Most parents who allow their children to take the bus to school do so in hopes that they are safe and free of racism, but one parent soon found out that a bus filled with racist middle schoolers in Rockville, Maryland is far from a safe zone.

B. Jamar Long, the father of a student at Robert Frost Middle School, uploaded a disturbing video on Facebook on Tuesday of his daughter’s classmates singing an offensive song about black people on the school bus, Fox 5 reports.

Long’s daughter was on the bus when the students were singing and she recorded the video. Once her father uploaded the footage to social media, it quickly went viral.

“So our daughter had to experience racism today on her school bus from Robert Frost Middle School in Montgomery County MD. They are singing 1,2,3,4 how many n****** are in my store. I am outraged and I refuse to let this slide. Please help me make this viral. Repost everywhere,” Long said on Facebook.

Montgomery County Public Schools are currently investigating the video and school officials released a statement saying, “The school is aware and is investigating the incident. It was a Montgomery County School bus. They will be sending a letter out to their community today and making it clear that this type of behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the values of their school and community.”

These children on the bus have either been raised in a household full of discrimination or have learned to be racist amongst their peers. Either way, this incident is disgusting behavior and these students should be suspended, if not expelled, from their middle school for actively contributing to racism in our society. 

Banner Image Credit: The News Club, Twitter

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