Students Build A Trump-Inspired Wall For Senior Class Prank

Donald Trump supporters built a Trump wall made out of cardboard boxes as part of their end-of-the-year senior class prank.

A group of seniors at McDowell High School in North Carolina recently built a Trump-inspired wall to keep out immigrants as part of their senior class prank, according to Fusion.

A photograph of the senior class prank was posted on Instagram and was re-posted by the Students for Trump Instagram page.

There were mixed comments about the prank on Instagram, with a mass majority of Instagram users supporting the prank.

“These kids are real Americans, #wallswillsaveus,” mrpantalones, an Instagram user commented on the posting.

Another Instagram user made an assumption that everyone was happy and proud of the prank.

“Congratulations to the graduating class. We’re all proud of you. #makeamericagreatagain,” kevtp79 wrote on the social media site.

Other Instagram users were appalled by the prank and voiced their concerns online as well.

“This is probably the grossest representation of McDowell High I've ever seen, this prank "wasn't even about Trump", xkaylamaria said.

The faux wall was built on school grounds, in which confetti was thrown in the air and a man sitting in a chair smiling in front of the photo, sported a Donald Trump t-shirt.

Students Post With Their Trump Wall

The Latino Community on campus became offended and upset by the prank and took measures into their own hands to voice their anger.

Marta Guardian and Johnny Campos, students at McDowell High School, confronted the school’s principal about the prank, hoping for consequences for the group of students that participated in the prank.

“I am the president of the Hispanic Youth Club. McDowell High School is a great place, and I want the Class of 2016 to be known for building bridges for a better tomorrow—not judged by the insensitive actions of a few people,” Campos said.

The pranksters will not face disciplinary actions for the photo as school officials did not find the photo to be offensive. 

Banner Image Credit: lconjurer, Twitter user

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