Two Students Drown In India While Taking A Selfie

The teenagers, according to eyewitnesses, ventured deep into the river where they began taking selfies.

Over the past couple of years, selfieshave frequently been a major reason of fatal, or nearly fatal, accidents across the world.

But that hasn’t deterred people from risking their lives for the perfect click. In fact, the dangerous quest reportedly claimed two more lives in India when a group of boys were swept away by waves in Rampur district.

Times of India reports the students were picnicking by the Kosi river when they decided to venture deep into the water to capture a self-portrait.   

Several people have died in India while taking selfies over the last year.

"A group of students were bathing in the swollen river," police inspector Kushalveer Singh told the BBC. "Two decided to go deeper into the river to get a better selfie, but they lost their balance and drowned."

Two boys were caught unaware by a sudden surge in the water. Singh added it took rescuers more than an hour to retrieve the victims’ bodies.

Death by selfies, unfortunately, has become a real phenomenon. The situation deteriorated to the extent that Russian police launched a campaign last year, urging people to take precautionary measures while clicking self-portraits with their smartphones.

It’s been worse for India where authorities in the city of Mumbai had to impose no-selfie zones in February, to discourage people from the activity.

In January, it was reported that India is a world leader in horrific incidents involving selfies.

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