School Ousts Substitute After Learning He Works For Richard Spencer

An all-girls Catholic high school discovered that a substitute teacher works for Richard Spencer’s white supremacist think tank, and then fired him.

A substitute teacher and field hockey coach has been penalized for leading a double life.

Gregory Conte was fired from an all-girls Catholic high school after he was outed for having white supremacist ties and working for Richard Spencer’s think tank.

Since Conte decided to step into the alt-right, he ultimately sacrificed his positions at the Academy of the Holy Cross in Maryland. Parents were notified of his secret activities and alias after the school’s president and CEO ,Kathleen Ryan Prebble, sent letters to the homes of parents stating that he’s been terminated effective “immediately,” according to The Root.

Apparently, Conte went by the name Gregory Ritter on Twitter and had the audacity to publish a tweet claiming that “Hitler did not commit any crime."

What exactly does Conte think Hitler did?

Prebble conducted an investigation, and thankfully, Conte didn’t poison his students with the Spencer doctrine. Students actually discovered Conte in a video from last summer's controversial and deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

It might sound invasive, but educators should be required to report what organizations they’re involved in to prevent things like this from happening. Prebble, however, may have actually known of Conte's alt-right connections long before now. 

According to The Root, school officials knew about Conte’s white supremacist ties since October, but they decided against revealing why they sat on this information for so long.

Alas, Conte is content and living with no regrets.

“I obviously liked working at the school, and I miss everybody, but I understand the political situation ,and I expected them to act as they did,” he reportedly told Fox 5 DC.

While puffing on a cigar during an interview with WJLA, Conte spoke the words of a true white supremacist: “Diversity leads to social problems, it leads to conflict, it leads to war.”

This ignorant way of thinking is exactly why he does not deserve to be an educator.

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