Huckabee Supporters’ New Campaign Strategy Doomed To Fail

The super PAC’s, anti-Cruz ad is a last ditch attempt to shake up the residents of Iowa to support Mike Huckabee’s slumped campaign.

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee— who is in fact, still in the running for the presidential campaign, will spend over a million dollars in a last ditch attempt to get the pro-Republican Iowans out of their slump.

The former governor of Arkansas is relying on his supporters who are launching TV adverts as attacks against Ted Cruz, in the final days of the race. The 39-second video commercial aims to reveal Ted Cruz as the bigot that he is, and his attempts to win votes by pretending to be a Christian devotee.

The ad aired by pro-Huckabee group “Pursuing America’s Greatness,” features a dialogue between two women, one of whom is holding a bible, discussing the Iowa caucuses. The women are informing each other about leaked comments on Cruz relating to his unwillingness to support homosexual rights and charity organizations.

Coupled with another ad, which targets both Cruz and Trump as being unserious candidates, the super PAC will spend $1.1 million in hopes of benefiting Huckabee—who is polling at 2% in Iowa— and increasing his ratings. The ad ends with the two friends reaching the conclusion that they won’t be supporting Cruz in the caucuses.

Evangelical leaders and political rivals have questioned the authenticity of the GOP candidate’s much-touted about Christian faith by emphasizing his lack of charitable donations. However when Huckabee himself went down that line of questioning, he became a target of criticism, with people citing his attacks as unfair.

However, Ted Cruz himself has invited a debate about his religious steadfastness by making his faith a big part of his campaign. Even so, Huckabee’s chances of surging in Iowa looks very slim.

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