Teen Miraculously Recovers After Lightning Strike Stops His Heart

A teen was struck by lightning, which caused his heart to stop for 15 minutes. Somehow, the teen survived the ordeal and is now waiting for his superpowers.

Josiah Wiedman, 13, and friend Javier Tapia were walking home in the rain in Arizona when, all of a sudden, he felt "a little bit of heat."  

It turns out, the “heat” was lightning that struck the teen and knocked him unconscious.

While Tapia was also struck, he was not as badly hit as Wiedman, whose heart stopped for 15 minutes.

“I got struck. I didn’t feel myself fall down,” Tapia said. “It felt like I was floating. But I was still able to hear everything.”

Because of the impact, Wiedman suffered a concussion and fractured skull. And while his heart stopped for several minutes, his organs didn’t.

Cory Cieszynsky, who lives nearby, saw the young boy on the ground. He ran to his aid to perform CPR.

Wiedman’s father, William Wiedman, said the fact Cieszynsky was so quick to react may have saved his son’s life.

"For Cory to be inside his house and to hear this and investigate and run outside and run to my son's aid, he's an angel, and I can't thank him enough," he said.

Once Josiah Wideman arrived at the hospital, he was put in a medically induced coma so he could recover. Still, doctors weren’t sure if the teen was going to be lucky enough to survive unscathed. Thankfully, Wiedman beat all the odds.

“I was dead for, like, 15 minutes. Dang. I beat death,” he said. “I feel like I’m Superman right now.”

Unfortunately, he’s not 100 percent sure he can be a real-life hero just yet, although he's confident in the future.

“I haven’t felt my powers yet, but I will soon,” Wiedman added.

If superpowers are what the teen is after, he should look no further than his own speedy and miraculous recovery for proof he’s already a champion.

Thankfully, this lightning incident didn’t lead to anything more serious. And what's even better, he will have a great story to tell for the rest of his life.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Steve Marcus

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