Supporters Doubled Donations After Gianforte Body-Slammed Reporter

Body-slamming a reporter seems to have been the best strategy for Greg Gianforte as his fundraising donations doubled after the incident took place.

Many thought that things were over for then-candidate Greg Gianforte after he body-slammed Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs during a campaign event in May. To everybody's surprise, the incident only served the businessman well as he ended up doubling his fundraising donations just a day later.

Despite being behind an incident that resulted in an assault conviction, Gianforte also went on to win, being elected Montana's new Republican Representative.

Just one day after the violent encounter, the Federal Election Commission records show, his campaign raised $118,000. Interestingly enough, that also happened on the very same day that voters went to the polls to vote on the state's special election. That day alone, the campaign was able to raise more than double what it had the day before and more than seven times the amount raised two days earlier.

After the incident, Gianforte apologized for his behavior. He will also be paying for the incident after the court ordered Gianforte to spend 40 hours serving his community. He was also ordered to take 20 hours of anger management classes.

Still, many in the Republican Party who were paying attention seemed riled up after the candidate physically attacked the reporter, prompting heavyweights such as Republican National Committee Finance Chair Steve Wynn, Vice President of media company Sinclair Broadcasting Fred Smith (who also supported President Donald Trump), and science fiction writer Orson Scott Card to donate big bucks to the Montana Republican.

By the looks of it, all it takes to get a Republican elected in 2017 is for the candidate to put up a bloody fight — quite literally.

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