Surgeon Took Selfies During Operation Then Posted Them On Instagram

A surgical team posed for the camera while operating on unconscious patients. The selfies were posted by the surgeon on Instagram.

A surgeon in Argentina and her team have been suspended for posing for selfies during operations. The photographs were taken at the Buenos Aires’ Hospital San José in the town of Capilla del Señor and show the staff peforming the operation as well as surgical tools covered in the patient’s blood. 

The surgeon who posted the selfies, Lorena Olguín, was suspended along with an anesthesiologist, a nurse, and two surgical assistants. Olguín gave a public apology for the offensive photos and said that it was not her intent to upset anyone. The doctor said that she simply looked up instinctively after someone said, “photo,”  and at no time took out her own cellphone.

Upon seeing the photos, Olguín said that she liked them and decided to post them on her Instagram page, apparently unaware that it would provoke such consequences.  

The hospital said it is humiliated by the incident and is investigating before deciding the appropriate level of punishment for the surgical staff.

“It’s all rather unseemly, an embarrassing situation,” said Ricardo Algranati, health secretary.

While recording specific events can be helpful training tools, that certainly wasn't the case in this situation. Most patients prefer that surgeons behave professionally and concentrate on the operation — not smile for the camera like they're on vacation. 

Banner/thumbnail photo Credit: Reuters

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