Survey Says Most Americans Think FBI Got It Wrong With Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is not quite water under the bridge as a new poll reveals many Americans disapprove the FBI’s decision not to charge her.

FBI Director James Comey

Interestingly enough, a recent poll has found that the majority of Americans believe democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton should have been criminally charged over the infamous private email scandal.

Last week, FBI Director James Comey recommended no charges for Clinton following an investigation into her private server allegedly used for confidential emails.

According to a survey conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, 56 percent of participants disapprove of the FBI’s decision and 57 percent said Clinton’s handling of the ordeal raises concerns about how she would handle the presidency if elected.

It’s important to note; however, that the high disapproval numbers include 88 percent of Republicans compared to 31 percent of Democrats.

While it is expected that the opposing political party would have wanted her campaign to be derailed by criminal charges, the fact that nearly a third of Democrats also disapprove is significant.

The survey found that disapproval was particularly prominent among voters under 40 and liberals. “A majority of voters under 40 disapprove, by 55-32. And nearly half of liberals (43 percent) disapprove, while 49 percent approve. Similar percentages of those groups say this worries them about her presidency,” according to the Post.

The demographic breakdown is noteworthy because it indicates that there is likely some correlation between the voters who disapprove of the FBI’s decision and Bernie Sanders supporters.

One of the main issues Sanders supporters have with Clinton is the belief that she is corrupt and the email scandal gives credence to that notion, thus explaining why they would want her to face consequences.

The Post also pointed out that 60 percent of voters surveyed said that the outcome of the email issue won’t affect their vote while only 30 percent said they are less likely to vote for her.  

It is possible that those numbers have to do with the fact that her opponent is the dreaded bigot Donald Trump. Voters are forced to choose between “the lesser of two evils,” which — despite the email scandal — appears to be Clinton.

One thing that may work in Clinton’s favor moving forward is that she finally has the support of Sanders, who is set to campaign with her on Tuesday.

The process of unifying the party can officially begin, and Sanders can work on reeling his supporters in to get “ready for Hillary” — especially the young and liberal voters who strongly view her unfavorably, as evidenced by this survey. 

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