Survivors Of Parkland Shooting Are Getting Hate Mail And Harassment

Pro-gun fanatics have stooped to harassing teens who experienced a mass school shooting. The Parkland survivors have become targets for hate mail and bullying.

Seventeen-year-old Delaney Tarr, a survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that took 17 lives, has been receiving hate mail in response to her vocal support of gun law reform.

In a photo shared on Tuesday by Time National Correspondent Charlotte Alter, a smiling Tarr is seen holding up an abusive letter she received. It read, “Delaney – Saw you on CNN. Shut the f*ck up you stupid f*cking c*nt!

Tarr seems to be brushing off the vitriol being sent her way with ease, though. Quoting Alder’s tweet with the picture, Tarr commented, “Love those fans!”

Given the forcefulness and bravery Tarr has been showing in the aftermath following the tragedy at her school, it’s not surprising that she’s not ruffled by the harassment. The speech she delivered on CNN in late February made it clear that she’s not afraid to stand up to people in power.

“We’ve had enough of ‘thoughts and prayers,’” she said. “We’ve had enough of ‘We’re in your consideration, we’re going think about it, and we’re going to tell you how we feel because we support you so much…’ So this is to every lawmaker out there. No longer can you take money from the NRA. No longer can you fly under the radar doing whatever it is that you want to do. Because we are coming after you. We are coming after every single one of you and we are demanding that you take action and demanding that you make a change.”

With words like that, it’s no wonder she has pro-gun fanatics feeling shaken enough that they’d send her letters demanding that she shut up.

Along with Tarr, other survivors of the shooting have been receiving harassment, with some being accused of being crisis actors and others having graphic death threats sent their way. Days after the tragedy, Twitter was even forced to formally announce that the site was working to combat the targeted abuse survivors were receiving.

Despite this kind of torment, though, none of the students have allowed it to deter them from continuing to pressure politicians to take action and urging the public to join the gun control movement. 

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