Susan Collins Owns 3,000 Coat Hangers, Thanks To Brett Kavanaugh

The hangers symbolize the risky methods women used in the past to abort babies when it was illegal to get abortions.

Abortion rights activists have flooded Sen. Susan Collin office with coat hangers ahead of President Donald Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court.

Collins reportedly received 3000 coat hangers, protesting against Brett Kavanaugh appointment. Trump’s pick has openly supported religious organizations that refuse insurance for contraceptives to its employees.

Many activists believe his confirmation could overturn Roe v. Wade, a 1973 Supreme Court decision, which basically provided women with abortion rights. In 2016, while speaking at a conservative event as a federal judge, Kavanaugh expressed a strong desire to “put the final nail” in an important Supreme Court ruling which upheld the legality of an independent counsel investigating the executive branch.

Fast forward two years and the SCOTUS nominee recently termed birth control as "abortion-inducing drugs" making his anti-choice believes very clear.

Concerned citizens and activists throughout the country have been mailing a plethora of coat hangers to Collins’ office since July. The hangers symbolize the risky methods women used in the past to abort babies when it was illegal to get abortions.

People are urging Collins to not vote for Kavanaugh on Twitter and some progressive groups also reportedly run TV spots asking the senator to refuse the judge.

Previously, Collins said she won’t support a nominee who would not support Roe v. Wade. However, on the second day of his hearing when California Sen. Kamala Harris discussed abortion rights, Kavanaugh did not have a direct answer.

Also, in a 2003 email that was recently revealed at his confirmation hearings he wrote he was “not sure” whether the case was a settled regulation, implying he might roll back abortion access in the country.

Collins’ vote is considered to have a key role in Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Another centrist, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska,) who is usually supportive of abortion rights, also hasn’t clarified whether she would vote for Kavanaugh or not.

People have a lot to say about Kavanaugh’s confirmation that is expected in the next few weeks.













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