False Dallas Shooting Suspect Gets 'Thousands Of Death Threats'

Mark Hughes had nothing to do with the murders in the Dallas police shooting, yet he is continuing to receive thousands of death threats from the public.

Update: Mark Hughes, an African-American man, was falsely accused of murder in the Dallas attack and is now no longer a suspect.

The man was legally carrying a gun, lawyers said in a recent press conference. 

Hughes is now receiving thousands of death threats from unidentified people after the Dallas Police Department posted a picture of Hughes on Twitter as one of their suspects in the attacks, according to the Washington Post

Corwyn Davis, an attorney, said in a press conference, "They have received thousands of death threats already," he said. "Unfortunately there was a lot of negligence with that picture."

Dallas police officers questioned Hughes on why he would shoot the cops, and they told him that witnesses saw him firing his weapon.

"That is a lie," Hughes said. "I mean, at the end of the day, the system is trying to get me."

Police officers took away the innocent man's clothes and his legally owned gun. 

By now, you may already have witnessed the aftermath of the bone-chilling video where a black man shot by the police in front of his girlfriend and her child breathes his last.

The video reignited a familiar debate, and many took to the streets to protest the culture of racism of the policing nationwide. In Dallas, that peaceful protest soon turned into a horror show. Five innocent police officers were shot and killed by snipers and six others shot in a chaotic, tragedy scene.

Following the horrific shootings, Dallas police identified an African American man in camouflage shirt as a suspect. Many news websites even began using his photos in their thumbnails for articles regarding the attack, further hammering the notion that he was involved in the murder spree.

But, as people allege and footage from the protest testifies, this man had nothing to do with the shootings.

One of the organizers of the protest in Dallas said that the "person of interest" was his brother who did not shoot at the officers.

The man later turned himself to the police.

Since then, many people who were at the protest came forward to set the record straight.

Dallas Morning News also shared a clip that showed the man standing on the roads like the protestors after gunshots were heard.

Another video showed him handing his rifle to the police.

It is obvious that the Dallas police was quick to shift blame on this man without proper investigation. For many, it was not hard to see why the man would have become an easy target.

It seems the Dallas police, although their loss is massive, are using the same kind of racist tropes that led to this situation in the first place.

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