Police Nab Suspect Thanks To Her Own Facebook Live Stream

One Florida woman learned the hard way that law enforcement can find you on social media after her own Facebook live post contributed to her arrest.

A Florida woman has been jailed after inadvertently helping police locate her by posting a Facebook Live video.

Markesha Wilkerson of Polk County had a warrant out for her arrest on charges of improper display of a firearm and failure to appear, The Root reports.

However, the 18-year-old’s legal troubles must have slipped her mind when she decided to go live from a local Chuck E. Cheese’s. Authorities stumbled upon her broadcast, knew exactly where she was, and sent officers directly to her.

According to The Root, the Polk County police regularly use Facebook Live to catch suspects, which is what led them to Wilkerson.

“Crazy criminals are appreciated, stupid criminals are appreciated. We recommend that if you are wanted, to post on Facebook or Instagram and let us know where you are,” Sheriff Grady Judd said.

One might be inclined to suggest that Wilkerson should have known better, however, she may not have realized her privacy settings allowed users who aren’t her friends to see her content.

Additionally, it’s likely she didn’t expect police to be scouring social media looking for people to bust, as it is a strategy commonly used by law enforcement that many civilians are unaware of.

“If you are a wanted person with outstanding warrants or pick-up orders, it’s probably not a good idea to go on Facebook Live,” Judd warned.

Whether you’re a criminal or not, Judd’s warning serves as a reminder to us all to be careful with what we put into cyberspace.  

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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