Meeting At Trump Tower Was Followed By Some Suspicious Money Transfers

The alleged transactions were discovered after law enforcement officials told banks to take a look at any suspicious activities by people connected to Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Donald Trump

A new report suggests federal investigators are looking into two bank transactions that took place after the infamous meeting at Trump Tower in New York City where Donald Trump Jr., along with other members of President Donald Trump’s election campaign, met with Russian officials.

The meeting was reportedly held after a Kremlin-linked lawyer promised “dirt” on former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

While the president and his administration have issued a lot of statements (some even contradictory to each other) on the controversial get-together, the BuzzFeed News recently published a bombshell claiming “suspicious” activity between bank accounts in Russia, Switzerland and New Jersey among other locations.

The alleged transactions were discovered after law enforcement officials told banks to take a look at any suspicious activities by people connected to special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into possible Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.

According to four federal law enforcement officers cited in the report, the investigators are currently looking into two money transfers that drew bank examiners’ attention.

One of the transfers took place 11 days after the June 9, 2016, meeting in New York – around the same time Trump won the Republican nomination for president.

As the BuzzFeed News reported, an offshore company linked to billionaire real estate developer Aras Agalarov wired nearly $20 million to his own bank account in New York. Agalarov not only has close ties to the commander-in-chief (as pictured above), but also with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The second bank transaction reportedly being investigated took place shortly after Trump won the election. This time around, Agalarov wired $1.2 million from his family account in Russia to a bank account in New Jersey, which had apparently been dormant since 2015 and only began seeing activity after the former reality TV star’s victory.

The recipients included his son, Emin Agalarov, and two of his other partners.

The New Jersey account then transferred money to a company run by longtime Agalarov associate Irakly Kaveladze, who not only represented the family at the Trump Tower meeting but also funded Emin Agalarov’s music business launched by none other than Rob Goldstone – the man who reportedly pitched the Trump Tower meeting in the first place.

Meanwhile, in a statement to the outlet, the attorney representing both the Agalarovs and Kaveladze, said he was baffled by the sudden interest in his clients’ bank accounts.

“I’m actually perplexed why anybody is interested in this or why anybody in their right mind would treat this as suspicious,” said Scott Balber. “These are all transactions either between one of Mr. Agalarov’s accounts and another of Mr. Agalarov’s accounts or one of Mr. Agalarov’s accounts and an account in the name of one of his employees.”

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