Smiling Airport Security Guard Steals Money From Passenger’s Bag

Airport authorities questioned the guard after a Chinese passenger complained that money was missing from her bag.


A security guard at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand stole £450 dollars from a passenger’s hand bag just before it went through screening.

Busakorn Somkwamdee was caught on CCTV after she effectively swiped the money from a passenger’s bag as she fixed them to go through the X-Ray machine for screening unbeknownst to the owner of the bag who stood beside her.

Somkwamdee was questioned by the airport authorities after a dismayed Chinese passenger complained that money amounting to 4000 Chinese yen had gone missing from her bag.

The airport officials suspected and pounced on the security guard after she is seen taking a bundle of cash out of the bag and slipping it into her right pocket in the CCTV footage. She was questioned by the police and later suspended after admission of guilt.

Upon further pressing Somkwamdee conceded to the theft but maintained this was the first she had been involved in any such act.

An investigation is going on after which the accused security guard will be prosecuted.

Kittipong Kittikajorn, deputy director of the Suvarnabhumi Airport said in a statement, “Airport officials are reviewing CCTV to check if the staff member has stolen from other passengers.”

“We believe that there could be other thefts because she carried out this one very professionally. She was quick with her hands and knew how to avoid CCTV cameras. All the evidence will be gathered and she will be prosecuted,” he added.

“The money was returned to the passenger who was very relieved. The offender insisted it was her first time stealing from passengers but we do not believe her,” Kittikajorn voiced his concerns.

“We have contacted the security company that hires the guards and instructed them to improve the screening process when hiring guards,” said the airport head on hiring and background checks for security guards.

This incident adds to the growing concerns of background checks of airport employees in Thailand. Recently eight baggage handlers were caught stealing duty-free goods worth around £20,000 from an airline.

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