Swedish TV Show Says Chinese Tourists Poop In Public, Eat Dogs

"The other cultural difference is that you Chinese people are racist. But in Sweden, we have black people, Jewish people, Arabs, and even homosexuals.”

An episode of a Swedish show has caused uproar in China after it blatantly mocked Chinese tourists and advised them not to “poop” in public places.

The clip on satirical program “Svenska Nyheter,” hosted by Jesper Rönndahl, featured a guidebook of do's and don'ts to “help” Chinese visitors coming to Sweden.

However, the infomercial – which was viewed by thousands of people on YouTube – was anything but helpful.

The two-minute clip showed a female presenter speaking in Swedish, with a Chinese voiceover translating her words.

"In Sweden, we don't take a shit outside historical heritage sites. But if you have ended up with poo on your hands, here in Sweden we wash our hands," said the woman.

"If you see a person with their dog on the street, this does not mean they have just bought their lunch. In Sweden we eat using a knife and fork, and while at the dinner table, we don't poop," she added.

The female presenter went on to make more of such rude assertions.

"The other cultural difference is that you Chinese people are racist. But in Sweden, we have black people, Jewish people, Arabs, and even homosexuals," she continued.

The disturbing video ended with the presenter saying Chinese people are “most welcome to the Kingdom of Sweden.”

“But if you don't behave yourselves, we'll kick the shit out of you,” she added.

For obvious reasons, the controversial episode didn’t go unnoticed by Chinese citizens and higher authorities of the country.

The Chinese Embassy in Sweden demanded an immediate apology from the channel and the program before threatening to take further actions. It even accused Ronndahl of “spreading and advocating racism and xenophobia” as well as instigating hatred.

In addition, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “The (Svenska Nyheter) anchor's remarks are full of discrimination, prejudice and provocation against China and other ethnic groups, completely deviating from professional media ethics. We strongly condemn this.”

Angry Chinese citizens took to the country’s popular social media platform Weibo to express their disgust with the episode. In a very short time, the topic page for the hashtag #SwedishTVShowInsultingChinesePeople gained more than 34 million views.

"This is no longer a kindly reminder for us to watch the behavior of our people, but a blatant insult to the Chinese people. But I am sure that some people from other countries will still believe that Sweden did nothing wrong. Chinese people and Western people are never held to the same standard when they do something wrong," commented one user.

"Sweden is making a fool of themselves internationally! This is truly disgusting! They must apologize! If they don't welcome Chinese people, we won't go to Sweden, we will no longer shop at Ikea! Chinese people have principles!" wrote another.

However, what’s unusual, the show’s host wasn’t much disturbed by the ensuing outrage. 

“It looks like we've embarked on a diplomatic crisis with a superpower,” tweeted Ronndahl.

In fact, the channel itself didn’t find anything particularly insulting about the whole episode. SVT program manager Thomas Hall said they are not going to apologize or remove the show as he believed they “haven't done anything wrong."

The show was aired after Swedish police forcibly removed a family of Chinese tourists from a Stockholm hotel earlier this month, which they had reportedly refused to leave despite not being booked to stay there.

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