Police Officer Blames Women With Large Breasts For Sexual Assault

There have been many cases where a sexual assault victim has been blamed for the crime against her — but few are as absurd as this one.

This Swedish police officer took victim blaming to a whole new level after he allegedly said to two women that it was understandable a man groped them because they had such large bosoms.

The two victims tried to file a complaint against a professional Bjorkloven ice hockey player who groped them at Marite, a nightclub in Ostersund, Sweden. According to police reports, the inebriated athlete came up behind the women while they were standing at a table, draping his arms around them and in the process, grabbing at least one women’s chest.

However, investigator Mikael Lundberg said there was “no proof” the women had been assaulted and excused the player’s behavior by claiming, “It’s pertinent in this case that the women had gigantic breasts,” he told Expressen newspaper. “It wasn’t hard to brush up against them. If you’re drunk and draping yourself over someone, well, you can see how it might have happened.” 

Soon after the incendiary statement, Lundberg was bombarded with condemnation.

Sweden’s former chief prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem said he was stunned by the investigator’s absurd statement.

“I’m amazed that this can still happen in 2016. It’s completely illegitimate,” told the Local. “An investigator has to be objective and weigh the plaintiffs’ testimony against the defendant’s; there shouldn’t be any room for speculation. This is absurd and incredibly offensive.”

“It is absolutely disgusting. It is a sensational statement, I would say. Totally indiscriminate and unlawful,” he added. “You do not come up with your own speculations about how easy it might have been to touch someone.” 

The police chief for the Jamtland region, Stephen Jerand, debunked his investigator’s remarks and said breast size should not be a mitigating factor in sexual crime cases.

“The decision relates to the perpetrator’s subjective intent,” Jerand said. “The fact that he was very drunk and couldn’t control his own body, that can happen. But breast size shouldn’t influence a decision regarding intent.” 

In the wake of criticism, Lundberg was quick to retract his statement and said he was “sorry for the whole development,” claiming he was “completed misquoted and misunderstood.”

The charges against the player were dropped, but his hockey team, at least, remains unconvinced of his innocence and the man remains suspended.

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