Syrian Conflict Continues To Take Devastating Toll On Children

Around 70 children were among the 126 people killed by a bomb attack on buses carrying refugees from besieged Syrian towns.

Just over a week ago, a chemical attack in Idlib, Syria, killed around 85 people including 20 children. But the atrocities in the war-torn country know no boundaries, as now a bomb attack targeting evacuees slaughtered approximately 130 people, among them 70 children.

Hunger struck youngsters had collected around a vehicle distributing food when the attack took place. The vehicle, which was filled with explosives, burst into flames within seconds, killing many civilians, aid workers and rebel soldiers.

The bomb went off at Rashidin, in the west of Aleppo at a checkpoint where the handover of evacuees was due to take place. Under a swap deal, residents from the two Syrian towns al-Foua and Kfraya were being moved into Aleppo in exchange for the relocation of hundreds of Sunni insurgents from government-besieged areas near Damascus. Unfortunately, many of them didn’t make it there alive and survivors were left stranded in the area for several hours after the attack. The evacuation of more than 3,000 Syrians was instantly halted.

Although no group has claimed responsibility for the incident as yet, it is thought the vehicle could not have got there without regime permission.

Pope Francis called the strike a “vile attack on fleeing refugees” in his Easter address, and the United Nations calls the Syria emergency the “worst humanitarian crisis” since 1945. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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