Cameraman Discovers His Own Family Under Rubble In Syria

The cameraman desperately tried to rescue his family members, including his pregnant aunt, four cousins and his grandmother.


An unidentified cameraman, who was busy shooting President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal bombings, heard painful screams and cries for help.

To his horror, that was his family.

After a devastating airstrike in the besieged town of Syria, the cameraman was horrified to discover his loved ones screaming in pain, after being subjected to the barbaric bombings.

He desperately tried rescuing his pregnant aunt, four cousins and his grandmother from Eastern Ghouta, the last rebel enclave near Syria’s capital.

In the video footage shown in an ITN report, rescue workers helped a woman with a bloodied face, crying in pain from underneath the rubble. She is thought to be the man’s aunt.

A badly injured boy can also be seen next to her.

After pulling them out, the cameraman dashes to a nearby medical clinic with an injured child in his hands. Reports of whether his family survived are still not clear.

The doctors working at the time said they were unable to keep pace with the numerous numbers of causalities after the vicious bombing campaign. The bombings have reportedly targeted 22 hospitals in just 72 hours, leaving many out of service.   

“The fighting appears likely to cause much more suffering in the days and weeks ahead, and our teams need to be allowed to enter Eastern Ghouta to aid the wounded,” said Marianne Gasser, the International Committee of the Red Cross' head of delegation in Syria.


United Nations chief Antonio Guterres described the conditions in the area as “hell on earth.” As per Reuters, amid international pressures, the U.N. will vote in the near future on a draft resolution demanding a 30-day truce in Syria. The move came after the Red Cross demanded access to Eastern Ghouta to deliver aid and medical evacuations.

It was not immediately clear if the text had won the support of Syrian ally Russia.

"The humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta is appalling and, therefore, we need a ceasefire that stops both the horrific heavy bombardment of Eastern Ghouta and the indiscriminate mortar shelling on Damascus," said U.N. special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura.

Syrian government forces backed by Russian warplanes reportedly killed more than 400 people in Eastern Ghouta, according to a monitoring group.

Thumbnail/Banner: Reuters, Bassam Khabieh  

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